Turn scrolling into learning & make screen time productive!

Get started with the 1Question Parent App
1Question Child App available on Google Play and coming soon to App Store!
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    Turn scrolling into learning

    Get started with the 1Question Parent App
    1Question Child App available on Google Play and coming soon to App Store!
    Notify me when the Child App becomes available for iOS

      How it works

      Seamless, consolidated learning moments integrated into your child’s daily online activity.

      • Download 1Question Parent onto a parent device
      • Create your child’s profile (select grade & topics)
      • Download 1Question onto the device your child uses
      • Nominate the target apps
      • Leave 1Question to do the rest!

      From that point forward, your child must correctly answer a short, curriculum-aligned question to access the nominated apps.

      See your child learning everyday

      Track your child’s learning in real-time: 

      • How much time was spent answering questions. Congrats, these are minutes of added learning!
      • Areas of strength & weakness
      • Mastery level in each topic
      • Learning progress over time

      Discover the benefits

      Maximise screen time productivity

      Curriculum based questions your child must answer to access other apps.

      Learning through repetition

      Regular micro-learning moments created to reinforce lessons from the classroom.

      Peace of mind

      Feel good knowing your child is continuously learning!

      Artificial intelligence delivers a customised learning experience

      1Question customises questions based on your child’s learning stage, rate of learning and predicted learning outcomes. Our AI combined with advanced logic enables your child to learn as effectively as possible.

      We take privacy seriously

      You can read the fine print here but these are the highlights:

      • We don’t own your data – you do
      • We use data we collect solely to improve the 1Question experience
      • We don’t and never will sell your data
      • We don’t advertise to your children


      About 1Question

      1Question presents curriculum-aligned questions to a learner during the course of their daily device usage. 

      • No need to log in
      • No need to set aside time
      • Just select your desired settings and 1Question will do the rest!

      Get started with 1Question in a few easy steps:

      1. Download & install the 1Question Parent app onto the device you will use to administer the account (we’ll call this the parent device but it can be any device). 
      2. Once installed, you’ll be prompted to set your child’s learning preferences.
      3. Next, install the 1Question app (this is the child app) onto your child’s device and link it to the parent app to complete the pairing process. Note: both apps can be installed on the same device.
      4. Open the 1Question (child) app and assign the target apps to lock/unlock. These are the apps you want to lock with a study question, each time they are accessed. 
      5. Once set up, the questions will begin!

      The 1Question Parent app is downloaded as an administration tool onto the device the parent will be using – from there, you can create & manage child profiles, manage learning preferences, and view learning progress. 

      1Question app (we’ll call this the child app) is downloaded onto the device your child uses, is linked to the parent app, and presents questions to your child based on the settings created in the parent app. 

      1Question will present a question to your child each time they access an app you have nominated, and runs in the background of your child’s device in order to present questions at exactly the right moment – we ask permission to enable these functions.

      1Question presents questions in a flashcard style delivery format where questions are presented at increasing or decreasing frequency – depending on each child’s individual needs. 

      This is possible thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine in the backend of the 1Question app which monitors, controls and predicts your child’s learning performance – adapting to and adjusting protocols accordingly. Since every child learns differently, the process is tailored to their individual needs, resulting in enhanced learning outcomes.

      No, 1Question does not support in-app advertisements.

      Questions and Topics

      1Question is aligned with the Maths Curriculum. We’ve chosen the topics that are best suited to quick fire questions to minimise the disruption to your child’s device usage – minimal reading and quick mental computation. 

      The following are just some of the included topics:

      • Addition
      • Decimals
      • Division
      • Equations
      • Fractions
      • Geometry
      • Integer Exponents
      • Multiplication
      • Odd and Even Numbers
      • Percentage 
      • Place Value
      • Ratio & Proportion
      • Rational Numbers
      • Roman Numerals
      • Simple equations
      • Subtraction
      • Time
      • Triangles
      • Units of measure 

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      From time to time, 1Question will send notifications to users relating to the following: learner settings & activity, new content and app updates.

      Feedback & other business

      We’re always looking for ways to improve 1Question, so if you have any feedback about your experience, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch at info@question.app