Boost your child’s screen time productivity

Get started with the 1Question Parent App
1Question Child App available on Google Play and coming soon to App Store!
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    Boost your child’s screen time productivity

    Get started with the 1Question Parent App
    1Question Child App available on Google Play and coming soon to App Store!
    Notify me when the Child App becomes available for iOS

      How it works

      Seamless, consolidated learning moments integrated into your child’s daily online activity.

      • Download 1Question Parent onto a parent device
      • Create your child’s profile (select grade & topics)
      • Download 1Question onto the device your child uses
      • Nominate the target apps
      • Leave 1Question to do the rest!

      From that point forward, your child must correctly answer a short, curriculum-aligned question to access the nominated apps.

      Superior reporting capability

      You’ll receive weekly reports showing areas of strength and weakness, progress made, how much time was spent answering questions (congrats, these are minutes of added learning!) and our AI engine will predict when topics will be mastered as your child’s learning continues to accelerate.

      Discover the benefits

      Maximise screen time productivity

      Curriculum based questions your child must answer to access other apps.

      Learning through repetition

      Regular micro-learning moments created to reinforce lessons from the classroom.

      Peace of mind

      Feel good knowing your child is continuously learning!

      Artificial Intelligence delivers a customised learning experience

      1Question customises questions based on your child’s learning stage, rate of learning and predicted learning outcomes. Our AI combined with advanced logic enables your child to learn as effectively as possible.

      We take privacy seriously

      You can read the fine print here but these are the highlights:

      • We don’t own your data – you do
      • We use data we collect solely to improve the 1Question experience
      • We don’t and never will sell your data
      • We don’t advertise to your children


      How is 1Question different from other study apps?

      1Question presents curriculum-aligned questions to a student during the course of their daily device usage. No need to log in, no need to set aside time, just select your desired settings and 1Question will do the rest.

      How does it work?

      Get started with 1Question in a few easy steps:

      • Download the 1Question app onto your child’s device
      • Select your child’s grade and subject
      • Choose ‘target apps

      From that point forward, your child must correctly answer a multiple choice curriculum aligned question to access any of the apps you have nominated.

      Your selections can be changed at any time.

      How are the Question settings customisable?

      TOPICS: By default, 1Question will present questions to your child from all topics within the chosen subject. Topics can be selected or deselected to suit your child if preferred.

      NUMBER OF QUESTIONS TO ACCESS A TARGET APP: By default, each time your child accesses a target app, 1 question will be presented. This setting can be changed to present 2 or 3 questions each time a target app is accessed. We suggest starting with 1 question!

      Your messaging says 1Question is adaptive/personalised for each student. How does this work?

      1Question presents questions in a flashcard style delivery using features of the Leitner learning system of spaced repetition where questions are viewed at increasing intervals. Questions your child is confident with will be presented less frequently, while questions needing more practice are presented more frequently, until the questions have been mastered.

      How do I know if my child is benefiting from 1Question?

      Our AI engine will determine your child’s current stage of learning and will evaluate their learning process over time. Based on this, you’ll receive a weekly email report from 1Question to let you know how they’re progressing.

      Will my child see any advertisements?



      Can I download 1Question onto my desktop computer?

      The 1Question app is designed to seamlessly integrate learning into mobile device usage and is currently available for download only on mobile devices.

      Do I download 1Question onto my device or my child’s device?

      1Question is downloaded directly onto your child’s device. Once you have chosen your preferred settings, there is no need for you to access the app unless you would like to change the settings.

      How long does set up take?

      Once downloaded, the set up process takes less than 5 mins!

      Why do I need to allow permissions on my child’s device?

      1Question will present a question to your child each time they access an app you have nominated, preventing your child from having immediate access to certain apps – we ask your permission for this function.

      1Question runs in the background of your child’s device in order to present questions at exactly the right moment – we ask your permission for this function.

      Can I install 1Question on more than one device with the same email address?

      The same account name and email address can be used on multiple devices – be sure to specify the student name as the weekly report will include progress information for any student registered to the same email address.

      How many users can I register on one device?

      Each device can have one registered account related to one student. Stay tuned as we upgrade our functionality to allow for multiple student profiles on one device!

      If I log into one device for my child, will the same login details work on another device?

      Yes, if the same details are used to log in on a separate device, all settings and student progress will automatically be prefilled.

      Does my child need to sign in to use 1Question?

      Once you create the account and set your preferences, 1Question will run in the background and automatically pop up questions for your child. They won’t need to do anything.


      How do I change my email address or other account settings?

      To change your account settings, log in to the 1Question app on your child’s device, click the account tab in the home page and simply update any of the fields.

      What happens if I forget my PIN?

      Click on ‘Forgot PIN’ on the Login screen on your child’s device. We’ll send you an email reminder containing your PIN.

      What happens to the information on my device if I uninstall and then reinstall? Or if I lose my device?

      If the same account information is used to login after you reinstall, your account details and child’s progress will automatically be reinstalled too.

      What happens to my account subscription (payment) if I uninstall?

      If you decide that 1Question isn’t quite right for you, head over to your Google Play account to deactivate your subscription.

      I want to take a break from 1Question for a short period of time. How can I do this without uninstalling or changing my settings?

      Everyone could do with a break sometimes! Log in to the 1Question app on your child’s device and click the Pause Questions button. Choose the length of time you’d like to pause questions for and we’ll automatically restart when the time is up. OR, select ‘Until I turn it back on’ – 1Question won’t present any more questions on the device until you say so with 1 simple click.

      When questions have restarted, all your settings will be right there.


      Can I select more than one subject at a time?

      At this stage, 1Question is loaded with one subject – Maths. We’re working on adding English next!

      Do I have to choose specific topics?

      The default setting in 1Question is to present questions from all topics in the subject. This can be left as is or the topics can be customised according to your preference by selecting and deselecting from the topics list.

      How do I change the topic my child is working on?

      Log in to the 1Question app on your child’s device. Go to the Question Settings tab and select/deselect topics from the dropdown list. If a topic is deselected, your child’s progress will be saved for next time.

      Which topics are included in maths?

      1Question is aligned with the Year 1 – Year 6 Australian Curriculum. We’ve chosen the topics that are best suited to quick fire questions to minimise the disruption to your child’s device usage – minimal reading and quick computation. Some topics are best learned with supporting images – these will be coming soon!

      Following are some of the included topics:

      • Addition
      • Place Value
      • Subtraction
      • Multiplication
      • Odd and Even numbers
      • Division
      • Roman Numerals
      • Decimals
      • Fractions
      • Simple equations
      • Time
      • Percentage
      • Geometry
      • Units of measure

      Will my student automatically progress to the next school year if they complete all the questions in their current year?

      1Question will let you know via emailed reports how your child is progressing. Your child will automatically progress through the content in the selected year – the chosen year will remain until the setting is changed by you.

      My child is ready for questions above or below their grade level, how do I manage this?

      Log in to 1Question on your child’s device, in the Question Settings select your preferred year level.

      How often will questions be presented?

      Each time your child accesses one of the apps you have set to ‘lock’ in their list of trigger apps, a quick question will pop up for them to answer. The default is set to an unlimited number of questions per day. If preferred, you can limit the number of questions asked in one day by updating your preference in the Question settings screen.

      What happens if a question is answered incorrectly?

      There are 4 multiple choice answers to choose from. When an incorrect answer is selected, it will be highlighted in red, the answers shuffled and your child can try again. Once the correct answer is selected, access to the chosen app is immediately granted.

      Can I create my own questions?

      We’re working on this feature! As soon as it’s available we’ll notify all 1Question users via their registered email addresses.

      Is there an option to have the questions read aloud?

      We’re working on this feature! As soon as it’s available we’ll notify all 1Question users via their registered email addresses.


      What is a trigger app?

      Once 1Question has been downloaded onto your child’s device, a list of that device’s apps will appear in the Lock/Unlock Apps tab. Any apps in this list that are selected by you are treated as ‘trigger apps’ – when your child tries to access a trigger app, a question will be presented.

      Can I change my app selections?

      App selections can be updated at any time.

      How do I make sure my child is not prevented from making calls and sending text messages?

      For safety reasons, phone and text messaging services will not appear in the list of apps which can be selected for use with the 1Question app.


      Can I check my child’s progress without waiting for a weekly report?

      For a sneak peek at your child’s progress on a particular day, click on the 1Question app on your child’s device – the login screen will show how many questions have been attempted that day, and how many were answered correctly on the first attempt. There is no need to log in to see this information.

      How do I know if my child is progressing?

      1Question will send a weekly report to the email address registered on your account. The report will provide a quick snapshot of the topics they’ve covered that week, their results compared to the previous week, their current learning stage for each topic and a 5 week history of their learning performance in each topic.


      How can I give feedback about 1Question?

      We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@question.app

      Check out our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy here