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For developers

1Question+ SDK

1Question+ lets users get the most out of other apps. Out of the box, 1Question+ lets users set rules about screen time based on time spent doing other tasks.

By integrating custom 1Question+ events, in as little as 2 lines of code, parents can enforce their children spend time within your app and complete specific metrics before moving on to recreational activities. For example, submit your homework in a Learning Management System and be rewarded with 30 minutes of leisurely watching YouTube or if you have a child language app, once a child has completed content B allow them 1 hour on Tik Tok.

By implementing the 1Question+ SDK you are allowing 1Question+ users to get more out of your app.

Why build an integration?

1Question+ unlocks new possibilities and opportunities for your brand. Here are just a few reasons to integrate with 1Question+.


Get more out of your app

Allow customers to get more out of your app with 1Question+. Integration is easy to set up and maintain, with our SDK.

Let me know more about the 1Question+ SDK

1Question+ will be released in November 2022. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact with you about the SDK.