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Did you do your homework?  Have you taken the dog for a walk and cleaned your room? Did you do chapter 7 in your math app? Have you spent 10 minutes in your reading app?

Ask these questions no more. Kids get stuff done with 1Question+.

1Question+ screen time done differently

1Question+ takes screen time rewards to the next level. It allows parents to make access to gaming, streaming, social (or any) apps you choose an automated reward for completion of any task.

Examples of 1Question+ in action

No more nagging required. Set your child a task in 1Question+ and stuff gets done automatically.

Did you do your homework?

1Question+ is already connected to your kids’ school, so when they submit their homework your screen time rule comes into effect (allow them full access or just an hour on TikTok – you choose!). TikTok no longer replaces getting homework done πŸ‘Š

Have you done your chores?

When your child spends 30 minutes doing chores, they can watch YouTube for 45 minutes.

Did you do your reading?

When your child spends 30 minutes in their reading app they can spend 2 hours on TikTok.

Have you downloaded an educational app for your kid?

Is it a challenge to make sure they engage with that app regularly?

Not anymore. 1Question+ knows how much time your kid spends in different apps. So, you can now create a 1Question+ that requires them to spend X amount of time in any app you choose before your screen time rule is implemented. πŸ‘

It's 6pm - have you walked the dog?

With 1Question+ your kids get their chores done. Or – they don’t get recreational screen time until they do. Yes, they can lie. But, you’ll get a notification whenever you kid says their chores are done. So, there’s that. πŸ‘―

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