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Our Story

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020, our co-founders Issac and Ann agreed that they’d love to see their kids spending as much time on their screens learning as they did using social media. 1Question was born!

1Question requires kids to learn by watching short video courses and answering quiz style questions to earn screen time. The courses are delivered by expert educators from around the world, and cover everything from maths and english to surf science and growth mindset. The app makes mastering them as easy and fun as learning the latest TikTok moves. 

Much like sneaking vegetables into a cake, 1Question is sneaking educational content into your child’s screen time. Parents set the study to playtime ratio and our award-winning app delivers curriculum-based content in a fun way to kids.

1Question recommends between 5 to 20 minutes of learning for an hour of playing on their favourite apps. This additional learning time has the potential to inject up to 4 hours of extra learning into every week. That’s the equivalent of 6 classes every week, or a whole school day!

It’s so beautifully simple, we can’t imagine any parent not wanting to download 1Question onto their child’s device. 

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