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Hey there! Our support team is here to help you. To get in touch with us, please email info@1question.app

You may have noticed your 1Question is not behaving as you would expect.

You should already have received an email in your inbox letting you know of these changes:

An improved 1Question app has been released to the App Store, which means the app versions you currently have installed have now been deprecated

A completely new 1Question – one app does it all!

If you haven’t already, you need to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 16 software.

The 1Question Child app has now been removed from the App Store as it is no longer required.

What do I do now?

  1. Update your devices to iOS 16 if they are compatible.*
  2. Next, update the Child app to the newest available version in the app store.
  3. Then, delete the Child app from any devices you have it installed on (updating to the most recent version first will ensure a smooth deletion process and will help us support you if you have any challenges).
  4. Update to the new version of the Parent app in the App Store – it is now simply called ‘1Question’. You’ll be able to sign in with the same email address you’ve been using, however there are also SSO options in the new app version!

:sparkles: As one of our current subscribers, we’re providing you with 3 months free access to the Pro version of our new app. Check your email for details.

The best parts:

  • Thanks to iOS 16, you no longer need Family Sharing or Child Apple IDs to grant 1Question screen time permissions.
  • Installation and set up is now sooooooo easy.
  • There’s no longer a need for separate devices! Children can answer questions on the same devices as their parents are using to manage their settings.

We’ll continue to release new features in the coming weeks.


iPadOS 16 is not yet available on iPads – Apple is advising an October release so the moment this happens, 1Question for iPads will also be available.

Notify me when 1Question for iPad is available!

For additional support, contact us at info@1question.app