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We're looking for educators. Want to come join us?

We’re looking for educators, from all around the world, to put together micro-courses on topics about which they are passionate. Each micro-course is delivered via a series of short 1-minute lessons.

If you’re passionate about education, can explain concepts in a simple and engaging way via short videos and are looking for a side hustle then come and join 1Question on our mission to make screen time productive.

How it works for kids

 With 1Question, education and screen time don’t have to compete.

Learning time

Kids learn by watching short, engaging videos.

Answer time

Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Recreational screen time

A child is playing their favourite game, using social media, or streaming.

Out of time

After the time the parent defines, 1Question blocks access to selected apps until they earn more time.

Teachers love 1Question

I'd like to work with 1Question

We’re looking for educators, from around the world, to produce video segments on a wide range of topics for us to feature within our app. And we pay!

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We're not taking any educator applications at the moment. Please check back again soon.