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Micro-courses suitable for Grade 3 students

Our grade 3 micro-courses offer a fun and engaging way for kids to learn essential skills and knowledge. Designed for children in grade 3, our courses cover a range of topics to help your child develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, while also promoting creativity and a positive mindset.

Some of our most popular grade 3 micro-courses include Your Mindset Matters!, All about Exercise, How to Feel Happy, An Introduction to Metacognition, Fun Jobs in Nature!, Fun Creative Jobs!, Fun Lifestyle Jobs!, Fun Building Maintenance Jobs!, as well as Mastering Multiplication and Coding.

Our courses are designed by professional educators to keep kids engaged and interested. Each course is broken down into bite-sized 60 second lessons that are easy to understand and follow, and they include interactive quizzes to reinforce learning.

Our grade 3 micro-courses are available on our website, and we also invite users who enjoy them to sign up for our app – 1Question. With 1Question, kids can earn recreational screen time by learning – watching videos of our micro-courses and answering review questions. This not only helps to reinforce what they have learned but also encourages them to keep learning and exploring.

Our grade 3 micro-courses are perfect for children who are eager to learn and explore new topics. Whether your child is interested in math, technology, or life skills, our courses are designed to be fun and engaging while helping them develop essential skills and knowledge.

So why wait? Give your child a head start in life with our grade 3 micro-courses today!

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Discover what makes plants powerful in this micro-course focusing on the features of a plant,...