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Maths Micro Courses

Our math micro-courses for kids are the perfect way to improve your child’s mathematical skills! Covering topics such as multiplication basics, rules, strategies, and application, as well as place value. Designed to engage children, each course is taught by expert educators who make math fun and easy to understand.

With our courses, your child will learn how to master multiplication, including multiplying by 2-5 and 6-10. Our courses are available on our website, but we also invite users who enjoy them to sign up for our app – 1Question. In this app, kids can earn recreational screen time by watching short 1-minute video micro-lessons and answering review questions.

Our math micro-courses are perfect for children from grades 3 to 6. Whether your child is struggling with math or simply looking to improve their skills, our courses provide a solid foundation in mathematical concepts.

By enrolling your child in our math micro-courses, you can help them gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and set them up for success in school and beyond. Join us today and watch your child become a math master!

Multiplication Strategies
Learn some very useful strategies to help you solve multiplication problems. This course covers: Multiplication...
Multiplying by 2-5
Focus on solving multiplication equations where you are multiplying by smaller numbers (2-5). This course...
Multiplying by 6-10
Focus on solving multiplication equations where you are multiplying by larger numbers (6-10). This course...
Multiplication Application
Apply previously learned multiplication skills to help solve more complex problems involving multiplication. This course...
Place value
Place value is the foundation of number and this short course will go over the...