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Science Micro Courses

Are you looking for an interactive and educational experience for your kids? Look no further than our science micro-courses for kids! Our courses cover a wide range of fascinating topics, including the Skeletal System, Rocks and Fossils, and even Surf Science, your child will be immersed in the world of science and discovery.

Our courses are designed with kids in mind, using fun and engaging teaching methods that will capture their attention and spark their curiosity.

But that’s not all! We’re excited to offer these courses on our website, and for those who enjoy them, we invite you to sign up for our app – 1Question. With 1Question, kids can earn recreational screen time by learning – watching videos of our micro-courses and answering review questions. It’s a win-win situation: your child gets to learn and have fun, while you can feel good about their screen time being educational.

So why wait? Get started with our science micro-courses for kids today and watch as your child’s love for learning grows!

The Human Heart
Learn about the amazing heart and circulatory system. Discover how the heart beats, how blood...