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What is habitat? micro-lesson

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A habitat is a natural environment where an animal lives. A habitat must provide an animal with three key things, food, shelter, and a safe place to raise its young. An animal will live in its habitat dependent on its individual needs. Humans differ slightly as they are able to make changes to their environment, for example using technology or creating buildings for them to live in. A polar bear is adapted to its habitat of the Arctic Circle. This is because it is a predator an animal that hunts other animals. Living in the Arctic Circle it has access to seals, reindeer and fish. Did you know they can use their sense of smell to detect seals hiding under the snow? Polar bears also have thick white fur that reflects the sun and the snow this means that they can camouflage and easily hunt their prey. Living on the ice they are able to hunt, breed and survive living in the Arctic Circle making it their perfect habitat.

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  • What is a habitat?

    1) An area of natural environment where organisms live
    2) A big environment
    3) A place with only plants
    4) A place with only animals
  • What is a predator?

    1) An animal that hunts other animals
    2) An animal that is hunted by other animals.
    3) An animal that eats meat and plants.
    4) An animal that eats plants.
  • What are the three important things that a habitat provides animals with?

    1) Food, Shelter and a safe place to raise their young.
    2) Comfort, A bed to sleep in, Water.
    3) A hiding place, A nice home to live in, somewhere to sleep.
    4) Somewhere to exercise, a place to bury food, Somewhere to sleep.
  • What are some examples of habitats mentioned here?

    1) Deserts, mountains, rivers, coral reefs, and rainforests
    2) Food and water
    3) Humans and other organisms
    4) Logs and rocks
  • Where does a polar bear live?

    1) In the Arctic habitat
    2) In the Antarctic
    3) In the grasses
    4) On the equator
  • How is a polar bear adapted to its habitat?

    1) It has thick white fur that helps it to camouflage in the snow when hunting its prey.
    2) It is a big strong animal.
    3) It has big paws.
    4) It has a small nose.
  • What might a flea find in its habitat?

    1) Food, water, shelter, and a mate
    2) Pollution, floods, and burning
    3) Humans and their belongings
    4) Entertainment, friends and job opportunities
  • What are some things that can change or alter a habitat?

    1) Pollution, floods, burning, removal of trees, and clearing .
    2) The size of the habitat
    3) The name of the habitat
    4) The distance between it and other habitats
  • What is a habitat?

    1) A natural environment where an animal lives.
    2) Where an animal goes to eat its food.
    3) Where an animal will travel to to reproduce.
    4) Somewhere an animal goes on holiday.

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Sian Hobson

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