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Condensation micro-lesson

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Condensation is the process whereby a water vapor or gas turns into a liquid. It happens when the particles in the water vapor or the gas cool down and come back together to form the water. It's the exact opposite of evaporation. For example, when a really cold surface of an aluminum drinking can comes into contact with the water vapor in the air, it can cool some of them down enough to turn them back into liquid. And we see this as the small water droplets on the outside of our drinking cans over time. So, condensation happens because of temperature changes and warm air can contain more water vapor than the colder air. So, when air rises up from the heated earth’s surface, for example, from a puddle, up into the sky because we know that warm air rises to where the temperatures are cold up in the sky, condensation happens, and clouds are formed. And clouds, when they're cold enough, can often consist of ice crystals. And as more water droplets form, they begin to fuse together and become too heavy to remain up in the air and this is when they fall as precipitation. Now, we might see this as rain, hail, sleet, or snow.

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  • Condensation is a

    1) The Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Borneo
    2) Greece
    3) Australia
    4) Philippines
  • Condensation is a process where which state of matter changes to which state of matter?

    1) By protecting their territory and food they can attract females
    2) Because they are grumpy
    3) Their territory is the only safe space they have
    4) It is where they were born
  • What happens to particles from gasses during condensation?

    1) To keep away from predators and humans
    2) To see more of the forest
    3) To give them better jumping opportunities
    4) To steal bird eggs
  • What is the opposite of condensation?

    1) Because they closely resemble human beings
    2) Because they have red hair
    3) Because they have large faces
    4) Because they can walk on all fours
  • What state of matter falls when clouds become too dense/ heavy to stay in the sky?

    1) Keeps them warm in the cold and wet
    2) Makes them look much bigger
    3) So that they can recognise each other
    4) Gives them camouflage
  • Which of these is NOT an example of precipitation?

    1) To avoid confrontation or fights
    2) So they can share food
    3) Allows them to talk to each other
    4) They can make ech other laugh
  • Why are clouds formed?

    1) So they can swing through the forest trees to search for food
    2) So they can walk across the forest floor
    3) So they can stand on branches in the forest
    4) So they can pick up stiicks
  • 1) They may raid and eat their crops
    2) They steal their farm animals
    3) They attack farmers
    4) They destroy farm fences
  • 1) process
    2) state of matter
    3) temperature
  • 1) gas changes to liquid
    2) Liquid changes to solid
    3) solid changes to gas
    4) gas changes to solid
  • 1) They cool down and come closer together
    2) They cool down and get even further apart
    3) They heat up and come closer together
    4) They heat up and get further apart
  • 1) Evaporation
    2) Freezing
    3) Melting
    4) No process is the opposite of evaporation
  • 1) liquid
    2) gas
  • 1) wind
    2) rain
    3) hail
    4) snow
  • 1) warm air rises to colder temperatures and the particles in the gas/vapour loosen and become clouds / liquid.
    2) Because the sun is too hot
    3) Because the air is too dry
    4) Because water evaporates from the ocean

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