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Conductors and insulators micro-lesson

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Materials that let electricity pass through them easily are called electrical conductors. Materials such as iron, copper, and steel are good electrical conductors. This is why these materials are used inside cables and electrical devices. For example, the metal used in plugs allows electricity to transfer from the wall socket through the plug and into a device such as a TV. Materials that do not allow electricity to pass through them easily are known as electrical insulators. These include plastic, wood, and rubber. That is why these materials are used to cover materials that carry electricity. For example, the plastic covering that surrounds wires and cables is an electrical insulator and this stops you from getting electric shock when handling these objects.

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  • Materials such as iron, copper and steel are known as _________

    1) Conductors
    2) Shiny
    3) Reflective
    4) Flexible
  • What is the definition of an electrical conductor?

    1) A material that allows electricity to pass through it easily
    2) A metal
    3) A material that does not allow electricity to pass through it easily
    4) Something that won't give you an electric shock
  • Which of the following materials is an insulator?

    1) Plastic
    2) Iron
    3) Copper
    4) Steel
  • Why are electrical cables covered in plastic?

    1) To prevent electric shocks when handling them
    2) To look nice
    3) To be easily transported
    4) To be sorted into colours
  • Wood is a good conductor of electricity. True or false?

    1) False
    2) TRUE

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