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Fun Building Maintenance Jobs! Micro-Course

About this course

People like to be indoors. We like to enjoy our electronics, read a good book, and play games on the floor. But to do all of these things successfully we need help from some everyday heroes. Find out who they are in the micro-course “Fun Building Maintenance Jobs”.

This course covers:

The Fun Building Maintenance Jobs! Micro-course for kids is just one of the many courses available on 1Question. With our app, children can learn valuable information while earning recreational screen time, promoting screen time productivity. You have the flexibility to set the learn-to-earn ratio, fostering a healthy balance between educational content and entertainment. Say goodbye to screen time arguments and empower your child’s learning journey with 1Question.app.

Micro-lessons in this course​

Do you like bugs? What about when others are afraid of them, do you wanna…

This room is hot. This room is cold. But this room is just right. It’s…

Do you like completing a good puzzle? Or maybe you like to build things that…

Do you know that there are different types of batteries? There are small batteries, large…

Meet your educator

Our micro-courses are developed and delivered by qualified educators from around the world. 

Sophia James

Sophia James