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Photographer micro-lesson

Do you struggle with balancing your kids’ screen time with their education? Say hello to 1Question, the app that solves this problem with a fun twist! Our app lets your child earn screen time minutes in their favourite apps by watching educational videos and correctly answering quiz questions. And the best part? You get to decide which apps to lock behind learning using 1Question. 

Learning time​

Kids learn by watching short, engaging video lessons.

Do you love to capture the wonderful moments in the world around you through your eyes? How about through your lens? If so, then you could be a photographer. You’ll need to know how to use tools like a camera, light, and sometimes a tripod and props. To be a great photographer, you’ll need to know how to create, capture, and edit images. Some schools have programs where you could earn a degree in Photography, the art of taking and processing pictures. You could search for many wonderful places near you by looking online. Or you could check out books from your local library to find out everything that there is to know on how to be the best photographer you can be. But many successful photographers start earning money without a degree or a high school diploma. Do you have any ideas how you can use your love of photography to make money? Maybe you could offer to take pictures for family members or friend at a party or a fun event that they’re having. But be sure to ask your parents or guardians for permission before getting started. Until then, say cheese!

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

Answer time

Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • What does a Photographer do?

    1) Create, Capture and Edit Images
    2) Draw
    3) Sing
    4) Dig in the dirt
  • What can Photographers earn a degree in?

    1) Photography
    2) Electricity
    3) Journallism
    4) Computer Science
  • How can you earn money as a kid Photographer?

    1) Offer to take pictures for family and friends
    2) Offer to walk a pet
    3) Offer to wash dishes
    4) Offer to wrap a gift
  • What tool does a Photographer use?

    1) Tripod
    2) Pencil
    3) Pen
    4) Eraser
  • What does Photography mean?

    1) The art of taking and processing pictures
    2) The art of collecting coins
    3) The art of arranging furniture
    4) The art of writing

Recreational screen time

Kids can use the screen time minutes they earned to unlock the apps selected by their parent e.g. games, social media, streaming, etc.

Out of time

When screen time minutes run out, kids are locked out and need to complete more learning in 1Question to earn more time.

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Sophia James

Sophia James

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