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Gardener micro-lesson

Do you struggle with balancing your kids’ screen time with their education? Say hello to 1Question, the app that solves this problem with a fun twist! Our app lets your child earn screen time minutes in their favourite apps by watching educational videos and correctly answering quiz questions. And the best part? You get to decide which apps to lock behind learning using 1Question. 

Learning time​

Kids learn by watching short, engaging video lessons.

Hi! Today, we’re digging in the dirt, trimming plants, and pulling weeds. Does that sound fun? Well maybe, you could be a gardener. A gardener is a person who tends to or cultivates a garden as a pastime or for a living. You’ll need to know how to use a shovel, water, and of course, dirt just to name a few. All you’ll need is a degree in Horticulture like from these universitates and schools from around the world. Horticulture is the art of growing and caring for fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants. Do you have any ideas how you can use your love of gardening to make money? Maybe you can offer to water plants or pull weeds for a family member or friend. But remember, ask your parents for permission. So, this could be your hobby, job, or career. No matter how big or small, just know that your role is important just like you and always have fun. See you around!

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

Answer time

Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • Which of the following is a tool that a Gardener uses?

    1) A shovel
    2) A brush
    3) Fabric
    4) Gasoline
  • What subject can you study to earn a degree, to get a good paying job as a Gardener?

    1) Horticulture
    2) Chemistry
    3) Transportation
    4) Technology
  • What’s one way kids can earn money through gardening?

    1) Watering the plants
    2) Eating the plants
    3) Picking flowers from the flower bed
    4) Stepping on the flowers and plants in the garden
  • What does Horticulture mean?

    1) The art of growing and caring for fruits, vegetables and decorative plants.
    2) The art of your favorite foods
    3) The art of your favorite board game
    4) The art of your favorite card game
  • What is the main job of a Gardener?

    1) To care for the plants in the garden
    2) To eat the food grown in the garden
    3) To smell the flowers grown in the garden
    4) To take the insects as a pet

Recreational screen time

Kids can use the screen time minutes they earned to unlock the apps selected by their parent e.g. games, social media, streaming, etc.

Out of time

When screen time minutes run out, kids are locked out and need to complete more learning in 1Question to earn more time.

Meet your educator

Our micro-courses are developed and delivered by qualified educators from around the world.

Sophia James

Sophia James

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