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How does light help us see? micro-lesson

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How does light help us see? So light travels as waves and doesn't actually need particles to travel through so it can travel through a completely airless space. This is what we call a vacuum. So light waves are also commonly referred to as light beams or beams of light or rays of lights. So light waves travel out from sources of light in straight lines so you're always going to be needing to use your ruler when you're drawing light waves. So, they travel out in straight lines, then they hit the objects around us. The rays of light don't stop when they reach an object. They reflect or bounce off an object and then travel into our eyes. This reflection of light is what allows us to see the object. And when we're thinking about how light travels through the air, it travels about a million times faster than sound so that's why you'll always see lightning before you hear the thunder.

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  • What are light waves also known as?

    1) Rays and Beams
    2) Beams and rods
    3) Rays and sparks
    4) Beams and sparks
  • How do light waves travel?

    1) From the light source in straight lines
    2) From the eye in straight lines
    3) Fom the eye in curved lines
    4) From the light source in curved lines
  • How do we see light? Light travels from a light source .....

    1) And hits an object then bounces or reflects to travel to our eyes
    2) In a straight line directly to our eyes
    3) And hits an object to light it up so we can see it
    4) In a swave directly to our eyes
  • How does light travel?

    1) As waves
    2) it does not travel
    3) slowly
    4) back and forth
  • Which of the following is NOT a source of light?

    1) Eyes
    2) Sun
    3) Bulb/Torch
    4) Fire
  • Roughtly how much faster does light travel through air than sound?

    1) A million times faster
    2) Ten times faster
    3) The travel at the same speed
    4) A thousand times faster
  • Do lightwaves stop when they meet an object?

    1) No
    2) Yes

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Niamh Clark

Niamh Clark

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