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Refraction micro-lesson

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So, why do objects look different through water? Refraction. Light waves travel at different speeds when they go through transparent materials such as water or glass. When the light rays hit the water, they slow down. This causes the rays of light to change direction and bend through the water. This is refraction. Now, the angle of the refracted light and the angle of incidence are not equal. And we remember the angle of incidence is the angle between the incident rate and the normal line, that incident rate in the ray of light coming from the light source. The refraction creates illusions which means we are seeing things incorrectly. Because the light bends when it travels between air and water or glass, objects seen through these materials look bent or distorted but we know they're not really bent at all.

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  • Which of the following does NOT happen to light during refraction?

    1) stops
    2) bends
    3) changes speed
    4) changes direction
  • An illusion is when we see things

    1) incorrectily
    2) bends
    3) move
    4) correctly
  • The ray of light which hits the water is called the....

    1) incident ray
    2) reflected ray
    3) refracted ray
    4) water ray
  • When light hits the water, the objects in the water look...

    1) bent and distorted
    2) the same
    3) wet and smooth
    4) Bent and Smooth
  • When light hits water what does it do?

    1) travels slower
    2) travels faster
    3) stays the same speed
    4) stops moving

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Niamh Clark

Niamh Clark

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