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Liquids micro-lesson

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Liquids are one of the three states of matter. And the two key properties of liquids for you to remember are they have a fixed volume and weight, just like solids, but they change their shape to fit their container which is unlike solids. Now, the first thing you think of when you think liquid is water. If I asked you what shape is water, you wouldn't be able to answer because liquids do not have a definite shape. Liquids take the shape of the container they're in. So, liquid can be poured from one container to another, and it will form the shape of its new container. Now, although liquids will change shape when moved between different containers, the volume will stay the same. So, however you move it, when you measure it, it stays the same. In liquids, the particles are near each other, but they're not tightly packed like solids. The particles in liquid are able to just slide past each other and this allows for the movement of particles throughout the liquid. The looser the arrangement of particles is what allows the liquids to take the shape of their container. Some more examples of liquids might be juice or milk. And what other ones can you think of? Liquids have a fixed weight and volume but they change their shape to fit their container.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • Can liquid be poured?

    1) Yes
    2) No
  • How are particles arranged in liquids?

    1) slightly near eachother but not tightly packed
    2) close together and tightly packed
    3) far away
    4) randomly
  • How do particles in liquids move?

    1) slide past eachother
    2) they don't move
    3) vibrate
    4) quickly and freely
  • I pour 50ml of liquid out of a container which can hold 150ml ,into a new empty container which can hold 75ml. How many ml is now in the new container?

    1) 50ml
    2) 100ml
    3) 75ml
    4) 200ml
  • If I pour liquid from a cylindrical container into a cube container, what shape will the water take?

    1) Cube
    2) cylinder
    3) no shape
    4) drops
  • What is a difference between liquids and solids?

    1) Solids keep their shape and Liquids change shape to fit their container
    2) Liquids keep their shape and solids change their shape to fit their container
  • What is a similarity between liquids and Solids?

    1) They both have a fixed weight/volume
    2) They both change weight/volume
  • Which is a feature of liquids?

    1) They have a fixed weight/ volume
    2) They change fixed weight/ volume
    3) They are wet
    4) They are large
  • Which is a feature of liquids?

    1) They change shape to fit their container
    2) you can drink them
    3) They keep their shape
    4) They are small
  • Which is not a liquid?

    1) sand
    2) water
    3) juice
    4) milk

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Georgina Mullin

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