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Basic requirements of plant growth micro-lesson

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As with all living things, plants need many things in order for them to grow, thrive and reproduce. Today we are going to take a look at the basic requirements needed to ensure plant growth.

What do plants need?

Air is needed in order for plants to grow. Green plants take in Carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen.

This is the opposite to what humans breathe in and out. Humans breathe in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Plants need air to respire just as animals do.

As well as air, plants need a source of water in order to survive. Plants take up the nutrients from the water using their roots, which help the plant to grow and thrive. They also help the plant perform photosynthesis which turns sunlight into energy.

A plant that receives too much water, however can cause a plants roots to rot which can harm the plant directly, potentially causing it to die.

Plants also require sunlight in order to survive and grow. Plants will use the sunlight for photosynthesis, which turns the sunlight into nutrients for the plant to feed on in order to grow and thrive.

Some plants require more sunlight than others but too much sunlight can actually harm some plants.

So lets re-cap – What are the three key things a plant needs for growth: Air, water and sunlight.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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  • How does a plant use the air to support its growth?

    1) Plants take in CO2 from the air and release O2
    2) Plants take in O2 and release CO2
    3) Plants use it to help them breathe
    4) Plants use it for photosynthe
  • Name 3 key things plants need for growth

    1) Air, Water, Sunlight
    2) Food, shelter, Protection
    3) Rain, roots, leaves
    4) Animals, soil, rain
  • What can happen to a plant that has received too much water?

    1) It's roots may rot which can potentially cause it to die.
    2) It can grow too tall.
    3) It can block the sunlight
    4) It can cause excessive leaf growth.
  • What part of the plant takes up and transports nutrients and water?

    1) The roots
    2) The leaves
    3) The petals
    4) The stigma
  • What process turns sunlight into energy?

    1) Photosynthesis
    2) Respiration
    3) Fertilisation
    4) Germination

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Sian Hobson

Sian Hobson

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