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Movement of water through a plant (transpiration) micro-lesson

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The roots and stem of a plant are essential to it to ensure its survival. Water acts as one of the key requirements for plant growth, and the both the roots and stem play a vital role in ensuring that water is transported around the plant itself.

The roots of a plant have a number of important jobs. They collect water and nutrients directly from the soil, whilst they also help to keep the plants upright.

The stem helps provide support to the plant, as well as transporting the water and nutrients to the flower using a process called transpiration. Without water the stem will end up drooping and the plant will lack support.

The movement of water in plants is driven by this process. During transpiration water will evaporate from the leaves of a plant causing it to draw up more water from the roots.

The water will then move up the stem using another process called capillary action. Water molecules are attracted to the molecules of the inside of a stem. It is this attraction itself that helps from the water up from the ground and up and around the plant.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • Name the process given to the movement of water around plants

    1) Transpiration
    2) Respiration
    3) Photosynthesis
    4) Germination
  • Name two important jobs of the roots of the plant.

    1) To collect water and nutrients from the soil and to keep the plant upright and stable.
    2) To attract insects
    3) To provide food for the plant.
    4) To provide energy for the plant.
  • What happens to the water molecules during capillary action?

    1) Molecules are attracted to the molecules inside of the stem and this forces the water up.
    2) The molecules dissapear
    3) They evaporate
    4) The molecules reproduce and form new molecules.
  • What is the function of the stem?

    1) It provided support and transports nutrients and water around the plant.
    2) It provides food for the plant.
    3) It creates energy for the plant.
    4) It anchors the plant into the ground.
  • What other process is involved in transpiration?

    1) Capillary action
    2) Respiration
    3) Photosynthesis
    4) Fertilisation

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Sian Hobson

Sian Hobson

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