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What is light? micro-lesson

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Light is a type of energy that travels in straight lines. Light helps us to see everything around us and is produced by two different sources: a natural light source and an artificial light source. The sun is an example of a natural light source, and a torch is an example of artificial light source because it's made by humans. Light travels so fast that we can't actually see it. It travels around at 300,000 kilometers per second. Could you imagine running that fast? Light doesn't just help us to see, it helps us in so many ways. You might have heard of a vitamin called Vitamin D. It's really important to humans because it helps our muscles and our bones, and the best way that humans get vitamin D is from the sunshine. Light is also super important to drivers because it helps them look out for each other and stay safe in the nighttime. How many light sources can you find around your home?

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • How quickly does light travel?

    1) 300,000 (Three hundred thousand) kilometers per second.
    2) 800,000 kilometers per second
    3) 100,000 kilometers per second
    4) 500,000 kilometers per second
  • What letter comes after the vitamin that helps our bones and muscles, and comes from the sun?

    1) D
    2) A
    3) B
    4) C
  • What type of light source would a lightbulb be?

    1) Artificial
    2) Natural
  • What are the two types of light source?

    1) Natural and artificial
    2) Natural and man-made
    3) Artificial and organic
    4) Organic and inorganic
  • Why is light important to people driving?

    1) To see where they are going
    2) To show off their car
    3) To communicate with other drivers
    4) To make their car look pretty
  • True or False - Light travels in straight lines.

    1) TRUE
    2) FALSE

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Niamh Clark

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