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Find Area of a Rectangle micro-lesson

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When we talk about the area of a rectangle, we're talking about measuring the space inside the rectangle. Let's take a look at this rectangle. The length is 5 and the width is 3 units. Inside, you can count the units, or we could use the formula length times width equals area, L x W = A. So, we replace the L with 5 and the width with 3 and we multiply, and there's our 15 units square. Take a look at this rectangle. The length is 2 and the width is 12. All we have to do is multiply the length times the width, so our answer is 24 square units or units squared. For this rectangle, our length is 14 meters, and our width is 12 meters. If I multiply 14 x 12, I come out with 168. I need to label it in square meters or meters square. So, remember, if you want to find the area of a rectangle, use the formula area equals length times width.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • The area of a square with sides that are 7 m. is ______ square m.

    1) 49
    2) 24.5
    3) 14
    4) 35
  • How many square units are inside a rectangle with a length of 6 units and a width of 21 units?

    1) 126
    2) 36
    3) 72
    4) 18
  • How many square units are inside a rectangle with a length of 9 units and a width of 18 units?

    1) 162
    2) 81
    3) 72
    4) 18
  • Josh wants to lay carpet in his room. The length of one wall is 14 feet and the width of the adjoining wall is 12 feet. How many square feet of carpeting does Josh need to cover the area of his room?

    1) 168
    2) 156
    3) 196
    4) 144
  • If all sides of a square are equivalent, what is the area of this square?

    1) 25 square units
    2) 10 square units
    3) 20 square units
    4) 5 units
  • The length of one side of a square is 12 inches. What is the area of the square?

    1) 144 square inches
    2) 24 inches
    3) 144 inches
    4) 24 square inches
  • What is the area of a rectangle whose length is 2 units and whose width is 12 units?

    1) 24 square units
    2) 24 units
    3) 24 meters
    4) 24 feet
  • What is the area of a rectangle whose length is 14 meters and whose width is 12 meters?

    1) 168 square meters
    2) 26 meters squared
    3) 168 meters
    4) 168 units
  • If the length of a rectangle is 25 meters and the width is 11 meters, what is the area of the rectangle?

    1) 275 square meters
    2) 265 square meters
    3) 250 square meters
    4) 175 square meters
  • The length of each side of a square is 14 feet. What is the area?

    1) 196 square feet
    2) 28 feet
    3) 56 feet
    4) 186 square feet
  • The moving truck has a length of 10 m and a width of 3 m. How much floorspace does the truck have?

    1) 30 square meters
    2) 30 meters
    3) 26 meters
    4) 13 square meters
  • A rectangle has an area of 12 square feet. If the length of the rectangle is 4 feet, what is the width of the rectangle?

    1) 3 feet
    2) 36 feet
    3) 16 feet
    4) 8 feet
  • What is the area of a rectangle with a width of 16 yards and a length of 3 yards?

    1) 48 square yards
    2) 48 yards
    3) 36 square yards
    4) 19 square yards
  • What is the area of this rectangle?

    1) 65 square ft.
    2) 65 units
    3) 65 feet
    4) 65 square units
  • What is the area of this rectangle?

    1) 77 sq. cm
    2) 77 sq. m
    3) 18 cm
    4) 18 sq. cm
  • What is the formula to find the Area of a rectangle?

    1) A = l x w
    2) A = l + l + l + l
    3) A = l + w
    4) A = w + w + w + w
  • What should you always use to label the area of a rectangle.

    1) Square Units
    2) Meters
    3) Units
    4) Feet
  • What is the correct label for the area of this rectangle?

    1) square mm
    2) mm
    3) units
    4) square units
  • What are you measuring when you find the area of a rectangle?

    1) The space inside the rectangle.
    2) The length of the side.
    3) The distance around the rectangle.
    4) All of the sides added together.
  • The correct area for this rectangle is 32 square yards.

    1) FALSE
    2) TRUE
  • Eloise has a rectangular wall hanging with a length of 6 yards and a width of 5 yards. Can she fit it on her wall if her wall has an area of 70 square yards?

    1) Yes
    2) No
  • The area of a rectangle is always labeled in square units.

    1) TRUE
    2) FALSE
  • If the area of a rectangle is 56 square meters, and the length of the rectangle is 8 meters, then the width of the rectangle must be 7 meters.

    1) TRUE
    2) FALSE
  • The area formula can be written as A = l x w or l x w = A.

    1) TRUE
    2) FALSE

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