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Multiplication Word Problems micro-lesson

Do you struggle with balancing your kids’ screen time with their education? Say hello to 1Question, the app that solves this problem with a fun twist! Our app lets your child earn screen time minutes in their favourite apps by watching educational videos and correctly answering quiz questions. And the best part? You get to decide which apps to lock behind learning using 1Question. 

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When solving multiplication word problems, here's a few strategies you can use. Sal earns $12 for each lawn he mows. He mowed four lawns last Saturday. How much money did Sal earn? First thing we want to do is underline the question, “How much money did Sal earn?” The next thing we do is circle the numbers we see in the problem, 12 and 4. The third step is to figure out what operation you're going to use those numbers in order to solve the problem. Since Sal charges $12 for 1, he is going to mow 4 lawns, we will need to multiply 12 x 4. He earned $48 on Saturday. Amy needs 33 beads to make a necklace. She wants to make 14 necklaces. How many beads will she need in all? When I multiply 33 x 14, I get 462 beads. Follow the steps when you want to solve your word problems with multiplication.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • How much money did Sal make from mowing his 4 lawns?

    1) 48
    2) 36
    3) 16
    4) 12
  • Mia has an album to hold her photographs. If the album has 16 pages that hold 4 photos each, how many photos will her album hold?

    1) 64
    2) 48
    3) 32
    4) 24
  • There are 52 weeks in a year. How many weeks are there in 11 years.

    1) 572
    2) 552
    3) 532
    4) 512
  • If a school has 5 hallways with 124 lockers in each hallway, how many total lockers are there in the school?

    1) 620
    2) 624
    3) 622
    4) 628
  • A group of scientists buy 6 balances that cost $236 each. How much do they spend on balances?

    1) $1,416
    2) $1,406
    3) $1,316
    4) $1,306
  • Mr. Luis is replacing all 4 tires on his car. Each tire costs $169. How much money will he pay to replace his tires?

    1) $676
    2) $566
    3) $173
    4) $672
  • Seventy-two mushers compete in a sled-dog race. Each musher has 16 dogs. How many total dogs compete in the race?

    1) 1,152 dogs
    2) 1,162 dogs
    3) 1,052 dogs
    4) 1,160 dogs
  • A ferry can transport 66 cars per trip. If it makes 22 trips per day, how many cars get transported per day?

    1) 1,452 cars
    2) 1,252 cars
    3) 1,352 cars
    4) 1,462 cars
  • A farmer has 58 cows that each produce 29 gallons of milk. How many total gallons of milk do the cows produce?

    1) 1,682 gallons
    2) 1,672 gallons
    3) 1,582 gallons
    4) 1,5 72 gallons
  • A subway train has 9 cars which each hold 198 passengers. How many total passengers can the train hold?

    1) 1,782 passengers
    2) 1,682 passengers
    3) 1,772 passengers
    4) 1,680 passengers
  • A human skeleton has 206 bones. How many bones do 4 skeletons have altogether?

    1) 824 bones
    2) 210 bones
    3) 832 bones
    4) 624 bones
  • Al plays 21 basketball games and scores 12 points each game. How many total points does Al score?

    1) 252 points
    2) 242 points
    3) 250 points
    4) 248 points
  • Firefighters respond to 65 calls in a week. How many calls do they respond to in 52 weeks?

    1) 3,380 calls
    2) 3,370 calls
    3) 3,280 calls
    4) 338 calls
  • A farmer wants to plant 14 rows with 30 plants in each row. How many total plants will he grow?

    1) 420 plants
    2) 44 plants
    3) 42 plants
    4) 4,200 plants
  • If you read 56 pages each week, how many pages will you read in eight weeks?

    1) 448 pages
    2) 446 pages
    3) 64 pages
    4) 7 pages
  • A basketball player made 46 three-point shots during the season. How many points did he score from three-point shots?

    1) 138 points
    2) 46 points
    3) 92 points
    4) 49 points
  • A roller coaster is twice as tall as a ferris wheel that is 228 feet tall. How tall is the roller coaster?

    1) 456 feet tall
    2) 466 feet tall
    3) 446 feet tall
    4) 230 feet tall
  • Ants can lift 50 times their body weight. If an ant weighs 5 mg, how many mg can it lift?

    1) 250 mg
    2) 500 mg
    3) 50 mg
    4) 25 mg
  • A baby orangutan weighs 3 pounds. It's mother weighs 27 times that amount. How much does the mother orangutan weigh?

    1) 81 pounds
    2) 84 pounds
    3) 61 pounds
    4) 30 pounds
  • What is the first step you should take when you read your word problem?

    1) Underline the question.
    2) Add up all your numbers.
    3) Label your answer.
    4) Take a guess.
  • What is the correct label for Amy's bead and necklace word problem?

    1) Beads
    2) Necklaces
    3) Girls
    4) Dollars
  • What is Step 3 according to the video?

    1) Decide which operation you want to use to solve the problem.
    2) Underline the question.
    3) Circle the numbers.
    4) Label your answer.
  • An event coordinator orders 35 boxes of t-shirts with 48 t-shirts in each box. If 2,134 fans come to the game, will there be enough t-shirts for each fan to get a t-shirt?

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • Alicia has 75 coins in her collection. Jemmy has exactly 3 times as many. Jemmy says he has over 250 coins. Is he right?

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • The second step you should take to solve your word problem is to circle all of the numbers in the problem.

    1) TRUE
    2) FALSE

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Chris Lindsey

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