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Adjectives micro-lesson

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This lesson is all about adjectives. So, adjectives are often called describing words because they single out characteristics of a noun such as its color or size. Be careful, though, as this description does not always help us distinguish adjectives from other parts of speech. So here are a few tips that help you find them. Adjectives can be used before a noun to let us know specifics about the noun. For example, “The red bus,” or, “A large umbrella.” Adjectives can also be used after the verb to be. For example, “The frog was green,” or, “The food was tasty.” What adjectives might you use to describe this dog? Did you say small or fluffy or white or did you think of a different adjective?

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • What is the adjective in the sentence 'It was behind the yellow door.'?

    1) yellow
    2) behind
    3) door
    4) was
  • Which of these 'parts of speech' are adjectives often used before?

    1) nouns
    2) determiners
    3) conjunctions
    4) verbs
  • Which of the following best describes adjectives?

    1) describing words
    2) doing words
    3) linking words
    4) naming words
  • What is the adjective in the sentence 'I love tasty food.'?

    1) tasty
    2) I
    3) love
    4) food
  • What is the adjective in the sentence 'Yesterday, the park was busy.'?

    1) busy
    2) park
    3) was
    4) Yesterday
  • What is the adjective in the sentence 'She was a very friendly girl.'?

    1) friendly
    2) She
    3) was
    4) a
  • Which of these is not an adjective?

    1) dog
    2) small
    3) white
    4) fluffy
  • What is the adjective in the sentence 'Sophie played with her new toy.'?

    1) new
    2) Sophie
    3) played
    4) toy
  • Adjectives...

    1) state characteristics of nouns.
    2) state characteristics of determiners.
    3) state characteristics of conjunctions.
    4) state characteristics of prepositions.
  • What verb are adjectives often used after?

    1) to be
    2) to run
    3) to walk
    4) to go

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Natalie Dixon

Natalie Dixon

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