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Body Composition micro-lesson

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One of the less well known components of fitness is something called body composition. But what is body composition? Body composition is the ratio of your fat to the rest of your body mass. Body composition does not necessarily have to do with your weight. It's measured through a series of scales that are really high tech and really specific. They can even be done underwater. By engaging in regular exercise, whether it's flexibility, muscular endurance, aerobic, anaerobic exercise, you are improving your body composition. You are burning those fat cells and you are improving your muscles and your tissues in your body. It's really important to have a good body composition, not only because it'll help you see better performance in physical activities and fitness, but often because it lowers your risk of things like diabetes and heart disease.

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  • How does exercise improve your body composition?

    1) When you exercise, you burn fat and strength muscles, meaning you can change your body composition ratio.
    2) When you exercise, you lose weight.
    3) When you exercise, you get out of breath and this helps to strengthen your heart.
    4) When you exercise, you also eat healthier.
  • How is body composition measured?

    1) With high-tech scales
    2) By seeing what size clothes you wear
    3) By your weight
    4) With a tape measure
  • If Susan wants to improve her body composition, what is MOST important?

    1) Regularly exercising
    2) Doing daily weigh ins
    3) Eating as healthy as possible
    4) Lifting weights
  • If you weigh more, your body composition is higher.

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • Is your body compsition always the same?

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • What is body composition?

    1) The ratio of fat to body mass
    2) How much you weigh
    3) How skinny or fat you are
    4) How strong your muscles are
  • What type of exercise improves your body composition?

    1) Any exercise, done regularly
    2) HIIT workouts
    3) Anaerobic exercise
    4) Aerobic exercise
  • What types of diseases can you help prevent with a good body composition?

    1) Diabetes and heart disease
    2) Chicken pox and flu
    3) Appendicitis and epilepsy
    4) Liver disease and shingles
  • Why does performance in exercise increase with better body composition?

    1) Because you have more muscle and less fat.
    2) Because you weigh less.
    3) Because your heart can take in more oxygen.
    4) Because a better body composition means that you exercise a lot.
  • Why is it important to have a good body composition?

    1) To help your performance in exercise
    2) To weigh less
    3) To have bigger muscles
    4) To have more body mass

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Kerry Wadsley

Kerry Wadsley

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