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The Great Apes Micro-Course

About this course

Interesting facts on the 5 great apes
This course covers:

The The Great Apes Micro-course for kids is just one of the many courses available on 1Question. With our app, children can learn valuable information while earning recreational screen time, promoting screen time productivity. You have the flexibility to set the learn-to-earn ratio, fostering a healthy balance between educational content and entertainment. Say goodbye to screen time arguments and empower your child’s learning journey with 1Question.app.

Micro-lessons in this course​

Chimpanzees, like all great apes, are covered in hair, have long arms, and have no…

Orangutans another of the great apes and they are found on the Indonesian islands of…

Gorillas are one of what we call the great apes. An ape is a large…

Sometimes, we only hear of four great ape species: the gorilla, the orangutan, the chimpanzee,…

Bonobos, just like their cousins the chimpanzees, are another member of the great apes. They…

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Brett Evans

Brett Evans