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Gorillas micro-lesson

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Gorillas are one of what we call the great apes. An ape is a large primate that lacks the tail, has long arms, and has opposable thumbs. Like humans, who are also apes, the great apes have hair instead of fur and are highly intelligent animals. Gorillas are the largest of all the apes and they are only found in forests in Africa. Gorillas have large heads, massive bodies, and are covered in black hair. However, their faces and their chests are usually bald. When male gorillas reach around 12 years old, the hair on their back turn silver and they are what we call silverbacks. Although gorillas are so huge and look ferocious, they're actually very shy and gentle primates. They spend most of their day eating and resting. Most of their diet is made-up of plants but sometimes they'll also eat ants and termites. Gorillas usually live in family groups around 12 individuals led by a dominant silverback. Gorillas are highly intelligent animals. They use branches to test the depth of water before crossing. They use sticks to collect ants and termites and they can even learn sign language. Gorillas are very endangered animals and were once close to becoming extinct. Half of all the world's gorillas are found in one country, Uganda. Fortunately, gorillas are now well protected, and the money people pay to visit gorillas in the wild helps to protect these gentle giants.

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  • Gorillas have a good sense of smell. Why might this be important?

    1) When choosing the correct plants to eat through smell
    2) To smell food from far away
    3) To smell is humans are near
    4) To help find a mate
  • Gorillas have longer arms than legs. How do you think they usually move around?

    1) On all fours
    2) Hopping
    3) On 2 legs
    4) Swinging through trees
  • How do we know that gorillas are inteligent?

    1) They use sticks to test water depth and to collect ants to eat. They can even learn sign language.
    2) They can walk on two legs.
    3) Because they are big.
    4) Because they are very endangered.
  • How does being intelligent help great apes?

    1) They can use tools to make tasks easier
    2) They are smarter than hunters
    3) They can undertand anything
    4) They can calcuate how much food they need
  • How does wildlife tourism benefit gorillas?

    1) If people pay to visit them, their habitat can be protected
    2) They get used to people
    3) They are less disturbed
    4) People can give tem extra food
  • What continent are goriilas found on?

    1) Africa
    2) Antarctica
    3) South America
    4) Asia
  • What do gorillas mainly eat?

    1) Plants
    2) Ants
    3) Termites
    4) Soil
  • What do you think the role of the dominant silverback gorilla is?

    1) Protect his family
    2) To fight other gorillas
    3) To attack people
    4) To be brought food by the others
  • What features describe a great ape?

    1) A large primate that doesn't have a tail, has long arms, has opposable thumbs, has hair and are intelligent.
    2) Huge teeth
    3) Big muscles
    4) Long tail
  • What is a silverback gorilla?

    1) A mature male gorilla, around 12 years old
    2) A mature female gorilla, around 15 years old
    3) A young male gorilla
    4) A young female gorilla
  • Why do gorillas have to spend so long feeding?

    1) Because they are so big and need a lot of food
    2) They don't like to play
    3) They have to travel long distances for food
    4) So the family can bond together
  • Why do you think gorillas are endangered?

    1) Poaching and habitat loss
    2) They fight each other
    3) They are only found in one country
    4) They only eat plants
  • Why do you think mature male gorillas develop a silver back?

    1) So females and other males know they are healthy and strong
    2) Because they are old
    3) As a warning sign to people
    4) Keeps them cool in the heat
  • Why might eating ants and termites help gorillas?

    1) Provides them with protein
    2) Because they enjoy the taste
    3) Because they like catching them
    4) Makes them more full
  • Why might having strong jaws help gorillas?

    1) Help when chewing tough plant matter
    2) To bite people
    3) To bite other animals
    4) To look scary

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