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The Legs micro-lesson

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Where is the longest bone in the body located? That's right, it's in your legs. The bones in our legs are the longest and some of the strongest in our body. They support the weight of our body and help us to do 1 to 3 million steps a year. There are four major bones in our body. Our legs attach to our skeleton at our pelvis, our hips. The bone that goes from our hips to our kneecap is called our femur. That's the bone that is the longest bone in our body. We have one bone in our knee, our patella, our kneecap, that protects our knees. And then we have two bones going from our knees to our ankles, the tibia and the fibula. The tibia is the larger of the two bones while the fibula is smaller. They have to stabilize our leg and connect our knee to our ankle.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

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Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • How many bones are in the leg?

    1) 4
    2) 5
    3) 3
    4) 6
  • How many steps per year do we walk?

    1) 1-3 million
    2) 2-4 million
    3) 8-10 million
    4) 5 million
  • Why are the leg bones some of the biggest and strongest?

    1) To provide stability, balance and support for our body weight
    2) Because our legs are big
    3) To help us wear shoes
    4) To make us talll
  • Where is the femur located?

    1) In the leg, between the pelvis and knee
    2) In the leg, between the knee and ankle
    3) Above the pelvis
    4) In the ankle
  • Where is the fibula located

    1) On the outside of the lower leg
    2) On the inside of the lower leg
    3) Below the ankle
    4) Above the knee
  • Where is the tibia located

    1) On the inside of the lower leg
    2) On the outside of the lower leg
    3) Below the ankle
    4) Above the knee
  • What is the longest bone in the body?

    1) Femur
    2) Patella
    3) Tibia
    4) Fibula
  • What are the two bones that go from the knee to ankle?

    1) Tibia and Fibula
    2) Patella and Femur
    3) Femur and Fibula
    4) Patella and Tibia
  • The leg bones connect to our skeleton through the

    1) Pelvis and ankle
    2) Pelvis and knee
    3) Knee and ankle
    4) Spine and pelvis
  • Which of the following do the bones in the leg help us with

    1) Jumping
    2) Sleeping
    3) Writing
    4) Talking
  • What does the patella protect?

    1) The knee
    2) The hips
    3) The ankle
    4) The leg

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Kerry Wadsley

Kerry Wadsley

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