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Feedback is a BLAST micro-lesson

Do you struggle with balancing your kids’ screen time with their education? Say hello to 1Question, the app that solves this problem with a fun twist! Our app lets your child earn screen time minutes in their favourite apps by watching educational videos and correctly answering quiz questions. And the best part? You get to decide which apps to lock behind learning using 1Question. 

Learning time​

Kids learn by watching short, engaging video lessons.

There are going to be a lot of times in your life when you receive feedback. Feedback is when someone gives you information about something that you've done. This information can include things that you've done really well, and it may also include suggestions for you to use to improve. It isn't always easy to hear about the things that we need to work on, but if you have a growth mindset, then you know that this type of feedback, which we call constructive feedback, isn't meant to make you feel bad. It's meant to help you. Here are some tips that you can use to make receiving feedback a blast. First, breathe, try not to stress about getting feedback. Next, listen carefully to the positive and negative feedback that you're receiving. Ask questions if you're not sure about something. Getting specific information will help you to set goals. Keep your feedback in mind as you make a plan for how you can improve. Finally, thank the person who gave you the feedback and remember to check in with them to share your progress. So, remember, as much as we love hearing positive feedback, it's the constructive stuff that really helps us learn and grow.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

Answer time

Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • What is the first step to receiving feedback?

    1) Breathe
    2) Ask questions
    3) Set goals
    4) Thank the person
  • Your friend tells you he really doesn't like getting feedback. What is one piece of advice that you would tell him?

    1) Try not to stress about getting feedback.
    2) Don't listen to the feedback given.
    3) Get upset and make a scene
    4) Avoid taking action to improve.
  • Which statement does NOT describe feedback?

    1) Information you should ignore
    2) Information about something you've done
    3) Information about what you did really well
    4) Information about what to improve on
  • Why should you ask questions when receiving feedback?

    1) You should use the information to set goals
    2) You should ask the person why they are giving you feedback
    3) You should not ask questions
    4) You should ask the person how they are doing
  • Constructive feedback can help us learn and grow.

    1) Yes
    2) No
  • Your basketball coach told you that you're doing a great job passing the ball, but he suggested that you practice your free throws. Is this constructive feedback?

    1) Yes
    2) No
  • You should only listen to positive feedback.

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • After reading a story you wrote, your classmate says, "Great job!" Is this constructive feedback?

    1) No
    2) Yes

Recreational screen time

Kids can use the screen time minutes they earned to unlock the apps selected by their parent e.g. games, social media, streaming, etc.

Out of time

When screen time minutes run out, kids are locked out and need to complete more learning in 1Question to earn more time.

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Brianne Elfo

Brianne Elfo

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