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Master of Mistakes micro-lesson

Do you struggle with balancing your kids’ screen time with their education? Say hello to 1Question, the app that solves this problem with a fun twist! Our app lets your child earn screen time minutes in their favourite apps by watching educational videos and correctly answering quiz questions. And the best part? You get to decide which apps to lock behind learning using 1Question. 

Learning time​

Kids learn by watching short, engaging video lessons.

Have you ever made a mistake before? Of course, you have. We all have from time to time. And when you do, it's normal to feel angry, frustrated, and even a little embarrassed. But did you know that making a mistake doesn't have to be a bad thing? That's right, making mistakes is actually helpful to your growing brain, if you choose to learn from it. The first thing to do when you make a mistake is to own up to it. Tell yourself specifically what you did incorrectly and remember to be kind to yourself. After all, you're still learning. The next thing you need to do is study your mistake and make a plan. Ask yourself what went wrong and how can I do better next time. Depending on what it is you might feel comfortable fixing your mistake by yourself or you might ask for some feedback from a friend, a parent or a teacher. Even when your mistake has been fixed don't just forget about it, you and your brain did a lot of work, so always ask yourself what can I learn from this? And carry this lesson with you to remember for next time. Everyone makes mistakes it's what you choose to do with it that's really important.

Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

Answer time

Kids earn more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

Here are some example of questions about this video that kids may be asked in the 1Question app to earn screen time.

  • What can you ask yourself after you fix a mistake?

    1) "What can I learn from this?"
    2) "Did I fix it correctly?"
    3) "What did I do right?"
    4) "Should I forget about it now?"
  • The first thing you should do when you make a mistake is...

    1) Admit that you made a mistake.
    2) Panic.
    3) Give up.
    4) Ask an adult to fix it for you.
  • When can mistakes be helpful?

    1) When you choose to learn from them.
    2) When you ignore them.
    3) When you cry about them.
    4) When you don't make them.
  • What's one of the questions you should you ask yourself when you are making a plan to fix your mistake?

    1) How can I do better next time?
    2) Who can I blame for this mistake?
    3) What did I do wrong?
    4) Why am I so silly?
  • You told your friend you didn't want to play with them at recess and they got upset. You apologized for what you did wrong and thought about how you can make your friend feel better. Are you learning from your mistake?

    1) Yes
    2) No
  • Do you always need to solve your mistakes by yourself?

    1) No
    2) Yes
  • Your friend is reading a book and accidentally reads a word incorrectly. Instead of going back to correct it, he just continues reading. Is your friend learning from his mistake?

    1) No
    2) Yes

Recreational screen time

Kids can use the screen time minutes they earned to unlock the apps selected by their parent e.g. games, social media, streaming, etc.

Out of time

When screen time minutes run out, kids are locked out and need to complete more learning in 1Question to earn more time.

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Brianne Elfo

Brianne Elfo

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