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Parental control of screen time

Wish your children engaged as much with their homework as they do with their apps? In 1Question, education and social media don’t have to compete.

1Question leverages the way children already use their devices, offsetting unproductive scrolling with curriculum-aligned micro-learning moments. 

How it works for adults

In 1Question, children answer simple, curriculum-aligned questions to earn screen time on their devices. Setup takes less than five minutes!

Setup a child

Choose settings for your child

Get started quickly, all you need to do is add your child’s name, their grade and choose the subjects you would like them to learn.

Select Applications

Choose apps to monitor

You choose the apps or app categories you would like 1Question to monitor.

A powerful, personalized learning experience

1Question uses AI to customize questions based on each child’s stage, rate of learning, and predicted outcomes, for the best possible result.

Our AI‘s advanced logic charts a customized pathway through the math curriculum, built to reinforce the strengths and nurture the weaknesses of each child – so every 1Question really counts!

Stay in the loop – in real time!

See how each child is tracking individually in your Parent dashboard: pinpointing topics they’re ahead with, and ones where they need a helping hand.

With 1Question’s Parent Control app, you can easily get a birds-eye view of all of your children in one place, and zoom in on individual progress.

1Question parental control over screen time and learning

Co-own the experience and celebrate success

1Question helps children and their families build positive reinforcement and share every win together.

Our award-winning design integrates micro-learning moments into the way children already use their devices. It’s designed to make them proud of their achievements and encourage further learning.

How it works for kids

Recreational screen time

Your child is playing their favourite game, using social media or streaming.

Out of time

After the time you define 1Question blocks access to the apps you select until they earn more time.
Examples of 1Question Maths Questions

Learning time

Your child earns more screen time by answering fun educational questions.

1Question Reward Time

Reward time

The more questions your child answers the more screen time they earn.

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