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Can I prevent the app from being uninstalled?

We understand that as a parent, you may want to ensure that the 1Question app remains installed on your child’s device for consistent engagement.

The level of protection available against an uninstall by your child depends on whether they’re using an iOS or Android device.

We’ve put some measures in place to assist.

⚠️ Inactivity alerts keep you in the loop

Both iOS and Android users will receive an Inactivity alert if we notice your child has not been active for 7 days. To keep you in the loop, we’ll send an email to the account you used to set up 1Question which you can then follow up with a check on your child’s device

🛑 Android uninstall protection

Setting up uninstall protection on the Android device your child uses ensures that 1Question cannot be easily removed without entering your 1Question PIN.

Selecting your preferred Security Level during Setup:

When you first install the 1Question app, you’ll be asked to specify your preferred security level:

  • Total lockdown – Choosing this option means that 1Question cannot be uninstalled by simply long-pressing on the app icon.

  • Firm but Fair – Choosing this option does not prevent uninstall of the app by long-pressing on the app icon.

Changing your chosen security level:

We understand you may want to test things out or simply change your mind. Head over to the Settings menu at any time to try out a different Security Level.

  • Tap the Settings cog at the top right of the screen to access the Settings menu. If you’ve set a PIN on your account, you’ll need to enter your PIN to access this menu and make any changes.

  • Removing Uninstall protection: Unselecting Uninstall protection by unchecking the box means you’ll be able to easily long press on the 1Question app icon to uninstall. Any time this option is unselected, we’ll send an email to the address associated with your 1Question account to notify you of the change.
  • Adding Uninstall protection: Selecting the checkbox next to Uninstall Protection means the app will no longer be able to be easily uninstalled by long-pressing on the app icon.

⚙️ Uninstall from Android device Settings ⚙️

The Total Lockdown Security level does not prevent the app from being uninstalled from the device’s own Android Admin Settings. If you’ve selected Total Lockdown and your child has navigated to their device’s Admin Setting and removed the 1Question app that way… it’s time for a chat!

Future Updates

We’re constantly working on enhancing our security features! For the most up to date features in the 1Question app, make sure you’re running the latest version on your device.

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