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How do I access my account settings?

Manage settings such as your account PIN, Subscription or generate a QR code to sign in on a separate device.

1. Open 1Question and tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen.

You’ll find this icon in the same position on both the Parent and Child Dashboards.

2. Tap into the relevant Settings menu item to customise the way 1Question will work for you.

Key Settings you can control from this menu:

Change Monitored apps – edit your selections to include or remove individual apps or entire app categories.

Sign in to child device allows you to generate a QR code to sign in to your 1Question account on your child’s device.

Setup PIN allows you to create an account PIN. Once a PIN has been created, you can also disable it from this menu.

Manage Subscription allows you to upgrade to 1Q Pro or make changes to your existing subscription.

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