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How do I check or change my child’s monitored apps?

The 1Question Shield will appear over monitored apps when there is no Screen Time available.

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Trying to open a monitored app when there is no earned screen time available will result in that app being blocked with the green 1Question shield.

When the shield appears, the only way to open a monitored app is to first open 1Question and answer more questions to earn screen time minutes.

On Apple devices, locked apps will appear greyed out with an hour glass icon beside the app name.

In this image, Snapchat, Messenger and Instagram have not been selected as monitored apps and will not be blocked by the 1Question shield when there is no available Screen Time remaining.

On Android devices, there is no indicator against monitored apps when screen time has been consumed & will still be blocked by the green 1Question shield when tapped.

To check or change monitored apps:

1. Open 1Question on the device your child uses to answer questions

2. Tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen

3. Tap Change Monitored apps

4. Tap Choose my monitored apps

5. Tap on a category to reveal the apps installed on the device

6. Select or deselect the apps you no longer want 1Question to monitor

Please note: If you share a device with your child, the apps that you monitor will be locked on the device until screen time is earned. If you need to access a monitored app, you’ll need to unselect it from the monitored apps list.

7. Tap Finish selecting apps.

Tip: Monitoring an entire app category allows 1Question to automatically lock any new apps that are downloaded in that category, saving you the hassle of keeping up with the apps your child downloads!

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