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How do I set up 1Question on 2 devices? 1 for myself and 1 for my child.


1. Download 1Question on a Parent device (your device)

Currently available for iPhones & iPads running iOS 16 (or above) and Android devices running Android 12 or above.

2. Register your account, using Email or Single Sign On (SSO) with your Facebook, Google or Apple account

3. Add a child

Follow the prompts to enter their Name

4. Select your child’s Learning Plan

You have 2 options:

Free Starter pack offers a small selection of varied content across each topic in your child’s Grade. Content will include both video and text-only maths questions.

Upgrade to 1Q Pro unlocks access to all content in all topics and Grade levels. Depending on your selections, you may see a mixture of both video content and text-only maths questions.

Tap here for a taste of some video content created by our wonderful team of teachers.

5. Select ‘We’ll use different devices’

This means your child will use a different device than you to use 1Question to manage their screen time.

6. Use your child’s device to scan the QR code to complete setup

Open the Camera app on your child’s device and hover over the QR code shown on your parent device.


7. After scanning the QR code, tap on the website pop up at the top of your screen.

8. Tap OPEN on the webpage. You’ll be taken to 1Question on the App Store.

Note: Keep ‘Save my place in the app’ ticked.

9. Tap GET to download 1Question. Stay on this page until it’s finished downloading and tap OPEN.

10. Select Allow Paste

You may or may not see this screen depending on which browser you’re using.

This copies and pastes the account details you already set on your parent device to log your child device into the same account.

Woohoo! You’re now logged in to 1Question on your child’s device. Almost there…

11. Authorise screen time and allow 1Question to Manage Restrictions

This allows 1Question to pull in a list of the apps downloaded on your child’s device and enables 1Question to block or limit specific apps and features. See here for more info

12. Choose the apps you want 1Question to monitor

Tap on an app category to unfurl the apps inside it.

Select an entire app category or choose individual apps you would like 1Question to block access to until your child has earned screen time.

Tip: Selecting an entire app category means that whenever your child downloads a new app in that category, 1Question will automatically monitor it.

Image is an example only. Select the apps your child uses the most e.g. social, games, entertainment, etc.

13. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to create a PIN

This ensures that any changes to settings can only be made by entering your PIN first and is essential to prevent any unwanted changes.

Tap the option to skip at the top right if you’d prefer not to have your Settings PIN protected.

14. Does your child use a myriad of mobile devices? We’ve got you covered!

Repeat the above instructions on any compatible device that your child uses. Once their account has been set up, you’ll be able to scan the QR code and load their user account onto any device they use.

It’s important to note that screen time earned is specific to each device and is not shared across devices. This means that if your child has earned time on one device, they cannot use that earned time on another device where there is no remaining time.

You’re all set! Tap the EARN button on your child’s device to start answering questions.

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