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My child uses my device – how do I stop 1Question restricting my own activities?

You may be using the same device as your child does when they use 1Question and don’t want your own activities to be restricted by the app.

1Question only restricts access to the apps you have specifically selected to be monitored. If you do not use those apps, then your screen time will not be restricted by the 1Question shield.

However, if you find that you do need to use the apps that are in the monitored apps list, you have the option to turn off those restrictions temporarily – this will allow you to use the device freely, and you can easily restart the restrictions when you hand the device back to your child.

Refer to the instructions below – remember to switch it back on before handing the device to your child!

Option 1: Pause

Using the Pause Feature on your device will stop the blocking of any recreational apps which have been selected for monitoring. When you’re ready to hand the device back to your child and resume monitoring, simply ‘Unpause’.

1. Navigate to your child’s Dashboard:

Open 1Question on the device your child uses and navigate to their dashboard. If you’re not already on their Dashboard, tap Swap User & select their profile name.

2. Tap Pause at the top left

If you have set a PIN on your account, this setting will be PIN protected.

While paused, 1Question will not block any monitored apps, and your child may still return to the 1Question app and answer questions to earn Screen Time to be used later.

3. Tap the red ‘Paused’ button on your child’s dashboard to resume restrictions

Monitored apps will begin locking after any remaining Available Screen Time has been consumed.

Option 2: Logout

Logging out of the 1Question app on the device your child uses will immediately unlock any apps you’ve selected to be monitored by the 1Question app. To restart 1Question monitoring, simply log back in on your child’s device – Screen Time restrictions will automatically resume.

1. Tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen

2. Tap the Logout icon at the top right

Option 3: Unselect Monitored Apps

Unselecting all monitored apps will allow 1Question to continue to run in the background, however, as no apps are selected for monitoring, all apps will be able to be used freely.

During this time, your child can still choose to open the 1Question app to answer questions and earn time to be used later.

Reselect apps from the list when you’re ready to start monitoring apps again.

1. Open 1Question on the device your child uses to answer questions

2. Tap the Settings icon at the top right of the screen

3. Select Change Monitored apps

4. Tap Accept

5. Tap on a category to reveal the apps installed on the device

6. Deselect the apps you no longer want 1Question to monitor

7. Tap Finish selecting apps

Remember to reselect these apps, when you want your child to start earning screen time again!

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