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🤔 I’m having problems installing 1 or both of the 1Question apps

🤔 Where do I find the Linking Code to link my child’s device?

🤔 I can’t get past the ‘Allow Monitoring’ screen

🤔 I’m seeing a message that says: Make sure this device is signed in with your Child’s Apple ID

🤔 I’m seeing a message that says: Family Controls cannot be used on this device

🤔 I’m seeing a message that says: There’s already an another app managing screen time on this device

🤔 I have installed the 1Question Parent Control app, but don’t know how to link my child’s device. It says ‘device not linked’.

🤔 How can I temporarily stop the 1Question Child app from asking questions?

🤔 I can’t open the 1Question Child app. I just see a screen that says ‘Time for 1Question’.

🤔 My 1Question Child app does not work without a WIFI or cellular connection and it’s stopping my child from using their apps when there is no connection.

🤔 What is Daily Free Screen Time?

🤔 How do I adjust the Minutes of Learning per question?

🤔 How do I make sure any new apps have been added to the monitored apps list?