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🤔 I’m seeing a message that says: Family Controls cannot be used on this device

🌱 This means your child’s device is already using Family Controls. For 1Question to function all MDMs or Parental Control apps must be removed before you continue setup.

Watch our how-to video below to fix this or keep reading for more information.

MDMs or Parental Control apps typically offer features like web content filter, app blocking, screen time limits and location tracking. To check if these types of apps are installed on your child’s device:

1. Open the Settings apps and select General

2. Scroll down and select VPN & Device Management

Now you will see a list of apps using Mobile Device Management.

These apps must be removed in order for 1Question to function. To do this:

  • Tap on each app that you see in the list.
  • Select Remove Management.
  • Enter the passcode to your device to approve this action.

Repeat these steps for each app in the Mobile Device Management list.

  • Open 1Question Child.
  • Tap Cancel on the family controls message and complete setup.

ℹ️ If you would like our support team to assist you, contact us at info@1question.app