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🤔 I’m seeing a message that says: There’s already an another app managing screen time on this device

🌱 This means your child’s device has an app that is already using screen time controls. For 1Question to function, all apps managing screen time must be disabled.

Watch our the video below to see how you can check for these apps and disable them, or keep reading for more information.

To check for other apps managing screen time:

1. Using your child’s device, open the Settings app.

2. Tap on Screen Time.

3. Scroll down to Apps with Screen Time Access.

The apps that you see in this list must be disabled so that 1Question can function.

4. To the right of each app you will see a green icon. Toggle the green icon so that it switches to red (as pictured).

ℹ️ This is a temporary setting that can be changed at any time.

Once setup is complete, 1Question will then appear in this list.

5. Reopen 1Question Child and continue setup.

When an app is disabled this is how it will appear

If you would like our support team to assist you, contact us at info@1question.app