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πŸ€” Both apps are set up but my child is not seeing any questions.

🌱 Check the following settings:

☐ Check and adjust the amount of Daily Free Screen Time you set for your child.

Daily Free Screen Time is the amount of free time your child has each day before answering questions. This time can be used in monitored apps (games, social, streaming, etc) and doesn’t have to be used all in one go.

If you find that your child doesn’t seem to be answering questions, you have set an amount of Daily Free Screen Time – to check how much you’ve set, follow these steps:

1. Open 1Question Child and tap on your child’s name

2. Click on the pencil icon beside their name

3. Tap Adjust Minutes of Learning

4. Click Next at Minutes of Learning

5. Tap on the drop down menu to adjust your Daily Free Screen Time

6. Then, click Next

☐ Check that the WIFI connection is stable on the Child device. 1Question will only work when connected to WIFI or a cellular network.

☐ Check that the Child Profile has not been deleted from the 1Question Parent Control app.

Open the 1Question Parent Control app on your device.

The first screen titled ‘My Children’ should show your child’s profile.

☐ Check that Notifications have been ‘allowed’.

1. Using the device that 1Question Child is installed on, navigate to and open the Settings app.

2. Select Notifications.

3. Find and select 1Question Child in the list of apps.

4. Switch Notifications to allow.

☐ Check that the correct apps have been selected in the monitored apps list on your child’s device.

1. Open 1Question Child and tap on the menu icon at the top right.

2. Enter your Parent PIN and click Login.

3. Select ‘Change Monitored Apps’.

4. Check/edit the apps you’d like 1Question to monitor, then click Done.

*Tip: either choose an entire category by clicking the name of that category, or expand the category and choose individual apps within that category.


Be sure not to select ‘all categories’. The Utilities category must not be selected as this will block all installed apps from opening on your child’s device.

☐ Check that your child’s Grade and Topics selections are active:

1. Go to the 1Question Parent Control app.

2. Select your child from the Dashboard.

3. Tap on the pencil icon to the right of your child’s Grade.

4. Review their Grade and Topics. Tap on the pencil icon to make changes.

☐ Check/edit how much daily ‘Free Screen Time’ has been allocated.

It could be that your child has not yet used up their daily Free Screen Time minutes and therefore still has access to their monitored apps. Free Screen Time minutes are reset daily.

Follow these steps to check/edit Free Screen Time settings:

1. Open 1Question Parent Control and tap on your child’s profile.

2. Tap on the Pen icon at the right of the screen.

3. Tap Adjust Minutes of Learning (at the bottom of the screen).

4. Set Minutes of Learning and click Next.

5. Select the desired amount of Free Screen Time & then click Next.

ℹ️ Try restarting the device your child is using, it may just need a reset!