Ss Peter & Paul Primary School 1Question Trial

πŸ€” My 1Question Child app does not work without a WIFI or cellular connection and it’s stopping my child from using their apps when there is no connection.

🌱 Temporarily disable the 1Question app using one of the following methods until the device is back on a WIFI / cellular connection:

1. Deselect all of the apps in the monitored apps list.

Open the 1Question Child app and select your child from the Dashboard.

☐ Tap the settings icon at the trop right of your child’s Profile.

☐ Enter your PIN and select ‘Change Monitored Apps’.

☐ Deselect all of the app categories.

☐ Tap on an app category to reveal the individual apps within the category and deselect from the list.

ℹ️ You’ll need to reselect the app categories and apps when you’re ready for questions to start again.

2. Turn off ‘Screen Time’ from Settings on the device 1Question Child app is installed on.

☐ Go to Settings > 1Question.

☐ Deselect ‘ Screen Time Restrictions’.

ℹ️ You’ll need to switch this back on when you’re ready for questions to start again.