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πŸ€” How can I temporarily stop the 1Question Child app from asking questions?

🌱 Temporarily disable questions by Pausing 1Question Child:

☐ Open 1Question Child and tap on the Menu icon at the top right of the screen.

☐ Tap Pause / Un-pause questions.

☐ Tap on Pause

☐ Select how long you would like to Pause questions for.

ℹ️ Pause lasts until midnight each day. If you would like to extend it, be sure to reset the Pause the next day.

Now that the Pause has been set, when you visit the home screen of the device, the monitored apps will no longer be locked and can be accessed.

To check to what time the Pause expires:

☐ Open 1Question Child.

The time of day when the Pause is due to expire will be noted in your child’s Profile.

In the example pictured, we can see that that the Pause expires at 1:26pm.

🌱 Temporarily disable 1Question Child by setting 1Question Screen Time to off:

☐ On your child’s device, go to Settings > 1Question.

☐ Deselect ‘Screen Time Restrictions’.

ℹ️ You’ll need to switch this back on when you’re ready for questions to start again.