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🤔 What is Daily Free Screen Time?

Daily Free Screen Time is the amount of free time your child has each day before having to start answering questions. Your child can use this time in the apps you chose to monitor (i.e. games, social, streaming) before they have to start earning screen time to access them.

Daily Free Screen Time does not have to be used up all in one go.

For example, if you set 60 minutes of Daily Free Screen Time – your child might use that in small amounts across a day and may not use it up entirely. Until they use up all of their Daily Free Screen Time, questions won’t start to be delivered to your child.

This is why it’s important to make the Daily Free Screen Time selection carefully based on your child’s typical screen time activity.

Set ‘No Daily Free Screen Time’ if you would like to ensure your child answers questions each day.

During set up of 1Question Parent Control you will set this up.

To make changes to your child’s Daily Free Screen Time, follow these steps:

1. Open 1Question Child and tap on your child’s name

2. Click on the Pencil icon beside their name

3. Tap Adjust Minutes of Learning

4. Click Next at Minutes of Learning

5. Tap on the drop down menu to adjust your Daily Free Screen Time

6. Click Next