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What’s New – April 2023

Welcome to Question Time, our new series aimed at updating you on new features, ideas and directions for 1Question.

Hey there!

I’m Daniel Keogh. 1Question Product Manager.

Welcome to Question Time, the series updating you on new features, ideas and directions for 1Question.

It’s been a busy start to the year for 1Q. Over the last quarter we’ve given all our users free access to 1Q Pro, our premium content subscription, for a limited time.

There’s been big changes to how we manage and measure your screen time. This has made it much easier to know how much time you’ve earned, and when it will run out.

Finally, we updated Android, bringing it up to speed with the changes on iOS. Now everyone in your family can join 1Question regardless of their brand loyalties!

All that is exciting stuff, but what we’re most excited about is something you’ll be seeing in the app very soon.

Video micro courses.

To tell you more, here’s Bronwyn Jones with the details.


Thanks Daniel!

Hi I’m Bronwyn, Marketing manager at 1Question.

If you’ve been using the app you’d be familiar with some of our issues around our content.

First, that we’re limited to just maths. It’s an important subject for sure, but we know you want more variety in what’s on offer.

Second, the questions can be a little dry. Quietly solving equations and text problems can get old fast. 

And finally, the challenge of actually teaching the subject matter. Our questions are great if you have already been taught how to solve them, but not so good if you haven’t.

Well, we’re excited to say we’ve addressed all of these issues with the introduction of Video Micro Courses.

Together the 1Question team and I have been working with dozens of amazing teacher content creators to bring you more diverse, engaging and educational content.

These courses are made up of individual lessons broken into short 1-minute videos presented by trained and talented teachers from across the globe.

With these micro-courses we’re introducing over 40 new subjects. They cover everything from Animation to Zoology, and much more.

Each is structured to guide your child through the skills they need to progress in subjects at school, develop essential life skills or harness their talents in their favourite hobbies.

At the heart of this are our amazing teachers. We’ve collaborated with hundreds of professional teachers who are passionate about their subjects and masters at their craft.

Hailing from 4 different continents and covering different age groups and expertise, our superstar teachers are that great mix of entertaining and educational.

Think of them as the tutor in your kid’s pocket waiting with a personalised lesson to complete before they play on their phones.

These video micro courses will be popping up on your child’s question screens as we speak and we’ll link to some samples for you to check out.

And over the coming release we’ll be making improvements to how you discover new subjects, preview our courses, or follow the work of teachers you like.

So in the spirit of Question Time we want to hear answers from you.

  • What subjects would you like to see?
  • Do you follow any teachers that would be a perfect fit?
  • Or maybe you’re a teacher yourself and want to share a subject you’re passionate about.

Hit me up directly at this address and keep the conversation going.

Can’t wait to chat and thanks for tuning in. Till next time.


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