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What’s New – November 2022

Welcome to Question Time, our new series aimed at updating you on new features, ideas and directions for 1Question.

Hey there!

I’m Daniel Keogh: Product Manager and connoisseur of Dad jokes.

Welcome to Question Time, our new series aimed at updating you on new features, ideas and directions for 1Question.

It has been a monster month for the Product and we’re pumped to share the news.

For us the guiding light has been about getting you into the app as fast as possible and experiencing the magic of 1Question. That means getting your kids answering questions and unlocking apps as quickly as possible.

First, We got a huge assist from Apple in October when they released iOS 16. This has allowed us to remove all the prickles of getting set up using Screen Time, bypassing all the hassles of Family Sharing and Permissions. Our awesome engineering team have made this setup really seamless.

These changes have unlocked the potential to work off just one device, or many. Making the app as flexible as your family. Setting up on your own device and handing it over to your child just takes a few steps. You can switch between your accounts with ease just like you would using Netflix.

And if your kids have their own devices we’ve refined how we link your accounts. QR codes and our awesome Dev team came in clutch to make this experience really simple.

Finally, we’ve made a sample of our content free for all users, forever.

The Starter Pack lets your kids sample a buffet of Maths questions from their year group. It helps you get a taste of what 1Question has to offer and we hope it leaves you hungry for more.

Looking ahead the Product team is focused on:

  • features that give you more control over Screen Time.
  • A greater range of content and question types.
  • As well as new ways to track the progress of your learner’s journey with us.

We’re excited to roll these out and can’t wait to hear how you like them.

So in the spirit of Question Time we want to hear your 1Question for us.

  • How have you been finding these features so far?
  • What can we continue to improve upon?
  • What can’t you wait to see in the future?

Hit me up directly and keep the conversation going. Can’t wait to chat and thanks for tuning in. Till next time friends.


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